Buffalo horn plugs - plain, flat side OHOPL-01XL

Buffalo horn plugs - plain, flat side OHOPL-01XL
smallest diameter

Buffalo horn plugs - plain, flat.

Material: 100% natural water buffalo horn
Shape: smooth, with flat ends
Colour: Black, painted
Sizes: Available in a variety of sizes to ensure everyone finds the perfect option for them
Skin-friendly: No nickel, artificial substances, or chemicals
Easy to Use: Easy to insert and remove thanks to smooth, flat ends
- Comfortable, natural material, non-irritating, ideal for sensitive skin
- Long-lasting, water buffalo horn is a strong and durable material, so it retains its beauty over time
- Durable, strong and long-lasting, it keeps a long-lasting feel.
- Easy maintenance, easy to clean with a damp cloth
This earplug is the perfect combination of natural beauty and modern design. Add this unique piece to your jewellery collection and enjoy natural elegance and comfort!

The primary, main material of the jewellery.

Name of piercing jewellery

The manufacturers call it.

Plug, Ear plug
Piercing name

As the piercer calls it, the name you find on the piercing "map".

Ear expander, Plug
Body part

Where you can wear it.

Ear, Lobe
Order unit

The unit of quantity placed in the basket.

Expected Delivery

Valid only in Hungary.

Article No.
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