Gold Labret-Tragus-Helix Piercing - 14K Gold G-BLBN

Gold Labret-Tragus-Helix Piercing - 14K Gold G-BLBN
stem diameter x stem lenth x ball diameter
Gold Colour

Gold labret, tragus, flat, shenmen, helix (14k/585‰ yellow gold, white gold, rose gold), ear piercing.

Made to order about 5 workdays, with Hungarian hallmark.


The primary, main material of the jewellery.

14 Karat (585‰) Gold
Gold colour

The color of the gold alloy that can be chosen for the gold jewelry.

Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold
Name of piercing jewellery

The manufacturers call it.

Navel piercing, Belly ring
Piercing name

As the piercer calls it, the name you find on the piercing "map".

Navel piercing, Belly piercing, Belly button piercing
Body part

Where you can wear it.

Navel, Belly
Order unit

The unit of quantity placed in the basket.

Article No.
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